Could it work in Bermuda?

When I was working as a reporter on the Yorkshire Post, in the Hull district office, I wrote several stories about a community play being researched and written by the Remould Theatre Company.

They spent countless hours recording the reminiscences of scores of people about Hull, it was a very personal history.


To cut a long story short, it was then presented as a play – with a bit of a difference.

It took over a 2,000 seat venue, cleared out the seats and let the audience stand as different scenes were played out on the six or seven stages around them. I am not doing it justice. It was an amazing spectacle which prompted me to write an awful lot more for the Yorkshire Post.

It was a community play – a play about and by the community, it starred members of the community (all of whom had had not previous acting experience). It also had a knock-on effect of recording the personal thoughts of an awful lot of people – an invaluable local record.

So, my questions: Would it work here? And … who will do it? Venue? Dockyard.